1/2" Compressed Air Line Moisture & Water Filter Trap Air Compressor Manual Drain


  • Particulate Filter 0.05 micron filter

  • Max Pressure: 250 PSI

  • Inlet & Outlet: 1/2" Female NPT

  • 5.1 oz Liquid Capacity

  • Wall Mounting bracket included

  • Sight Glass on metal bowl to determine liquid levels
  • Manual DRAIN

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Product Description

Brand new 1/2" compressed air in-line moisture filter separator with wall mounting bracket. This is a 5 micron filter with a 
5.1 oz bowl. This is a great quality filter with a metal bowl and a easy turn style drain. This filter will remove water liquid droplets and debris from your compressed air line to protect and extend the life of your air tools and provide cleaner air when blowing things off.