3/4" Air Inline Clean system 3 Stage Heavy Duty High Flow Combo


3 Stage Heavy Duty High Flow Air Clean System (FFLM) Pre-Filter, Micro-Filter, Desiccant Dryer

  • Pre-Filter 5 micron filter (Remove Water Droplets / Debris) Auto Drain

  • Micro-Filter 0.1 Micron Oilesser (Remove Finer Droplets / Oil Droplets/ Oil Aerosol) Manual Drain

  • Desiccant Dryer (Remove Any Remaining Moisture / Vapor)

  • Max Pressure: 225 PSI

  • CFM: 160

  • Inlet & Outlet: 3/4" Female NPT

  • 11.9 oz Liquid Capacity

  • Wall Mounting bracket included

  • Sight Glass on metal bowl to determine liquid levels

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Product Description

BRAND NEW !!! New 3/4" Heavy Duty High Flow Compressed air line Moisture Filter / seperator, Oilesser, Desiccant Dryer Combonation. This filter is Heavy Duty Top Quality 3 part air Filter. The first Stage of filtration is a 5 micron filter that removes liquid and debris from your compressed air line, the second stage is a 0.1 micron oilesser that removes oil and oil aerosol, the third stage is a desiccant dryer which removes any remaining moisture or water vapor from your air line. Using this filter in your air system will provide clean, dry air to rest of your line and can extend the life of your tools and compressor accessories. This is recommended to those that are running a plasma cutter, Paint Spray Gun, Control systems, Sandblast, fluids. This system protect your equipment from dust, dirt, oil and water. Dust will wear down your equipment (like the air motor in grinders, pneumatic actuators and it can make pneumatic control valves get stuck. Especially when the dirt and dust is combined with oil (which is often the case with compressors), a sticky mess can form inside valves, motors and other compressed air equipment. Getting moisture in your air lines and tools can be a costly mistake and cause a lot of damage to delicate tools, this filtration system allows you the peace of mind to work without worry!