NEW 1/2" Compressed Air Filter / Desiccant Dryer 2 stages Combo


  • Coalescing Filter: 0.01 Micron Filter removes 99.99% of remaining debris and moisture left from the particulate filter

  • 105 CFM Flow Rate, 215 PSI Max Input, 150 PSI Output

  • Desiccant Air Dryer

  • 2 bags of desiccant beads

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The air cleaner/dryer system (ATDFLM864N) cleans air and removes water vapor at the point of use to help support applications that require oil-free, moisture-free air, like spray painting. Two separate systems condition the air: An oil-removal filter traps 99.9 percent of all oil aerosols and a desiccant system removes water vapor. An outlet screen keeps desiccant particles from entering the airstream, protecting air tools. The desiccant changes color when it needs to be changed or recharged, providing an easily visible reminder. The cleaner/dryer system includes a quick-release bowl for easily viewing the fluid level and is protected against impact by metal guards. A quarter-turn drain makes maintenance easier. Finish your projects faster and easier with All Tool Depot - The Air Power Expert.