Particulate Filter Regulator

  • 0.05 micron filter will grab 95% of the large debris and moisture from your airline

  • 250 PSI Max Input, 175 PSI Max Output

  • 2.7oz Bowl Capacity

  • Polycarbonate Bowl allows you to view moisture levels at a glance

  • 140 CFM Flow Rate

  • AUTO Drain

  • Pressure Gauge included


  • Oil Fill Adjustment to Regulate oil Flow to the Airline

  • 250 PSI Max Input, 225 PSI Max Output

  • Polycarbonate Bowl allows you to view moisture levels at a glance

  • 5.1 oz Oil Capacity

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Brand new Compact Space Saving Design in line compressed air moisture filter, regulator, lubricator combo. This is a high quality unit that gives you the power to keep moisture out of your air lines, regulate air pressure, and lubricate your air lines all at once! This is a perfect set up for when you do not have a lot of room to add all of these components individually. This has 1/2" female NPT input as well as a 1/2" female NPT output port. This assembly has a 140 CFM max flow rate and comes equipped with a pressure gauge. You can adjust the regulated pressure between 7 - 215 PSI with a 215PSI max PSI. The moisture filter features a 5 micron filter, 2.7 oz bowl capacity, as well as a visual sight glass to easily monitor the moisture level. The lubricatior has a 5.1 oz oil capacity with a visual sight glass to easily monitor levels. The compact design of this combo makes for convenient and easy installation and comes standard with an attached wall mounting bracket. Overall this unit measures 6" Long x 3.5" Wide x 10.75" Tall at the widest points.